A beautiful Good Friday but the wind is very cold. Been typing data into a genealogy database that I am working on for a client. And as I work at the computer a big window is right in front of me so I can look out at the woods and see the wildlife that run around out there. This morning the fox came through again. He has been hanging around for a few months and a few days ago we saw him running down the middle of the road. Now, he is not a red fox, nor a tan fox. He is a golden color and his tail has a lot of dark in it. All four legs are black. So, perhaps he is the result of parents being of both colors, red and tan.

If someone knows of a fox like this please let us know.

We have had too many squirrels over the years who chew holes in the house and raid the bird feeders, and no matter how many you trap and move we know that there will never be a shortage of them. We’ve also seen more red squirrels the past winter and I think some of the gray and red have mixed it up as some grays have a very distinctive red fur on their backs.

Had a meeting the other night and afterwards we had a discussion about the chipmunks, squirrels and mice that have invaded just about everyone’s property in large quantities. It would be alright if they were not destructive but they do a lot of damage. The mice love to get into vehicles, leave nuts and seeds there, chew the insulation and the wires which is very annoying to have to replace all the time. When you are driving down the road and a mouse suddenly pops up in front of you on the dashboard, that can be a bit disconcerting and could cause an accident. Anyway, there were many suggestions on how to control the pests and we had some good laughs.

We have coyotes around and the rabbit population is just about wiped out here. We have not seen a one this spring. For some reason during last fall and winter (what winter?) there were a lot of skunks out and about and we had one walk by my library window every night and leave his scent behind. Gave us a good reason not to walk outside at night if we didn’t have to cause you do not want to get mixed up with a skunk! Our oldest son and his dog surprised one in the barn one morning! It was not a pretty sight or smell. The poor dog didn’t know what to do and she was definitely relegated to outside until the smell went away which was not quick. No matter what you wash them with the smell lingers, and lingers, and lingers.

Because of our mild winter we did not have many birds come to the feeders but now they are making up for lost time. I wonder if the rose-breasted grosbeak will come early this year? They are so beautiful. The male goldfinches are turning yellow now and they are so pretty. Saw the Carolina Wren one day but have not heard her sing. The hawks are working on their nest up in the high tree behind us. This will be the third year we have had them nesting there. I am surprised we have any birds at all. They are voracious eaters when they are raising their young. In fact, they catch frogs all the time and our frog population is not what it once was and all those good old bullfrogs are not around to do their “Juggerrum” at night. And the hawks are very noisy!!!!

What has this all got to do with history? Absolutely nothing. Just felt like writing about nature around us today. Maybe reminiscing with my sister this morning did the trick. How different it was growing up in the ’40’s and ’50’s. Actually we have decided that we had the best growing up time of anyone.

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