Jan. 26th, 2012

Been busy today with researching for people.   The first one I worked on did not record very much in town records, no vitals, 1 church record, no land records, no probate, and no gravestones.   Hmmmmmmm…  makes it very difficult.  But the one thing that I found, was the will of the father-in-law, and he named his daughter as deceased and then went on to name all her children.  So that is very good.

The other research I am doing is worse.   You know when you have too many people in the same town with the same names it is difficult to separate them.   Finding the ancestry of the person was easy enough as someone had put some things in the family file on them and we also have records to prove it.   Now it’s to prove the line to the next generation and that is not coming out as the client has it.    So, I believe someone has made a mistake, but will think on this a bit and see if I can come up with any solutions other than land records.

That reminds me of the time when someone wanted me to prove that the Warren ancestry of his wife found in an old book (early 1900’s) on Richard Warren of the Mayflower was correct.  So, I got to work on it.   Sad to say it did not prove back to Richard Warren of the Mayflower but to Arthur Warren instead.   Over the years new records had been found and I found a number of very good published articles on this.  They were not happy with my findings at all!

It is always good to check the information found in genealogies as we can all make mistakes.   Which brings us to information on the “net.”   There are many original records on the internet and it wonderful to have access to them.   But there are also many records that were put on by people working on their family trees.  These must always be verified with original records, but all too often someone looking for answers find what others have done and thinking it is correct puts it in their family tree.   It would be so much better to list sources with everything that is put out there.

In the course of working on someones family tree I found information on the net on the exact same individual and it gave the wife of the man as Ann Williams and said where she was from.   I checked it out and Ann turned out to be a widow Ann Williams so if the person used that Williams name it was incorrect.

Time to end this rambling.

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