Research Thoughts

I think I am just going to put some thoughts on what I have been doing with old newspapers that I am fortunate enough to have access to.   For 6 years I have been typing up the businesses from them and also storms, fires, buildings, streets, anything of interest.   When I get a year done I put it in book form.

I am working on the 1909 papers now.  Started with 1848, 6 years ago.
This is a Conn. paper by the way.  Many people have loved to read thru them especially if they are looking for a certain topic..  for instance trolleys, or for a family name..  we find out local things that no one would know any other way.

Because I have a death database from the papers and want it as complete as possible I have been going back over them and finding the ones I missed.  But found other things that I was not paying attention to the first time.   Found that the church steeple had come down in 1876 besides during the 1938 hurricane.   So, it’s fun and I love learning

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