Half Hill addendum

As with all things we do, nothing is perfect. And after I had written
the article about Half Hill and was picking up my paper mess in here,
didn’t I find another small tidbit on Half Hill that I thought was worth
putting at least a bit of it on here.
It was in our old paper, the Windham County Transcript, issue of 22
June 1887. It’s too bad that they did not sign articles they wrote.
In any case, the person says it is one of the most sightly locations in
Windham county. The way they got to Half Hill back then was to take a
path just west of the Old Furnace, crossing Fall brook. But the next
part just amazes me. The person talks about the magnificent view from
the top. “The observer can see way up into Massachusetts, and also has
at a glance the whole of Danielsonville, Dayville, Pomfret, and many
surrounding towns, and the railroad from Putnam to Willimantic is quite
visible to the eye.”
Well, from personal experience of being on top of that hill the
other day, you can see a lot, but it is all woods!!! You cannot see a
thing that this person mentions! So, guess there were very few trees
even at that time.
Thanks for taking time to read my little tidbits.

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